flourishing in a disenchanted world

We seek to show the reasonableness and desirability of Christianity by:


  • Communicating the brilliance and beauty of Jesus and the Gospel in creative and compelling ways
  • Cultivating in our own lives and in the world around us the good, true and beautiful for the good of all
  • Creating new artifacts, institutions, and cultural spaces where Jesus is seen as brilliant and beautiful

In short, we hope to inspire, equip and collaborate with like-minded Christians to re-enchant the world.

Meet the Team

Paul Gould
Founder and President
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Most days you can find me reading philosophy. People often refer to me as driven, loving, smart, funny, and goofy.
Courtney McLean
Podcast Host and Cohort Co-Leader
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When I'm not with TTI, I'm probably reading for my PhD seminars at Southwestern or watching an episode of the Office.
Avery Earl
Creative Director
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I'm an entrepreneur at heart, business owner, student, and dog lover. People often refer to me as happy, dedicated, and outgoing.
Chris Lee
Content Coordinator and Cohort Co-Leader
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Part of my job here at TTI is overseeing the curation of content published through TTI!
Neil Williams
Video and Content Production
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My job here at TTI is to work with video and content production! I help provide content for our video projects and with the articles we publish.
Lucas Shipman
Arts Initiative Leader and Video Producer
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Most days you can find me working hard for a non-profit that serves kids and prayerfully leading my family.

The Two Tasks

1. Showing Christianity Reasonable

2. Showing Christianity Desirable